Bookshelf Application

WoodenSoldier Software (Freeware)

Bookshelf Application is a software program that is compatible with e-books purchased from Amazon and other sources. This application helps its users manage their collection of books, CDs, and DVDs. It organizes these data collections into different categories making it easier for the user to find them later on. This was developed by WoodenSoldier Software which is a program development company that is based in Japan.

Aside from the organization element that comes with the WoodenSoldier Bookshelf Application, it also doubles as a search tool for Amazon shoppers. The interface is rather simple making it extremely user-friendly. There are options for bookshelf creation where users can input which particular books to store per collection. Each collection can also be labeled as necessary. The same interface also offers search features for all of the bookshelves that have been created. All that the user needs to do is enter a particular keyword and prompt the application to start its internal search.

The same application can also be used to store notes per book, CD, or DVD file. Users can easily keep track of any notable elements that they have encountered while reading, listening, or watching any particular media. It also offers record-keeping services allowing users to keep track of their purchases and reading dates.