Spacejock Software (Freeware)

BookMaker or yBookmaker is an application that lets users create ebooks. This application can read both HTML and TXT files. Users writing their books using word processors such as MS Word will need to save their work in HTML to keep the formatting such as page breaks, centered paragraphs, and italicized and underlined text. When opened in this application, the text will retain the formatting.  This application will take the HTML file and encrypts it, so users can start new chapters and edit existing ones straight from the program.

The finished ebooks can be distributed in the user’s private network, or sold to readers. Family members, friends, and paid readers can be given a password with which to access the ebook’s contents. This feature is also useful when writing drafts, so only friends and editors may be able to read the draft and it won’t be read by others. The identity of those who are permitted to read the ebook can be encrypted onto each ebook copy, and end-users will have to verify their identity first before being able to read the ebook.

In addition, BookMaker’s print facility allows ebook writers to set the printing option to let end-users print a hardcopy of the book or not. This is another security feature that makes sure that only authorized individuals can read the written text.