BookCAT 10.22

FNProgramvare (Proprietary)

BookCAT is a database program that enables book collectors to catalogue their collections, whatever size these may be. It may also be used in institutions that have book and document libraries, such as schools, clubs, organizations, churches, and businesses. With this application, users can easily and quickly catalogue books by downloading author, publisher, and ISBN information from the Internet. It can also function to help users in keeping track of what they have in their library by noting where it is or with whom, especially for those who loan out books. It also helps users compute the total value of their collections.

The program has a user-friendly interface with an easily navigable display. The functions and features can be customized according to the needs of the user and the size of the collection to be organized. BookCAT comes with a report designer that provides more than 40 pre-set reports, such as acquisition dates, location, and monthly and yearly spending. For libraries with a barcode scanner, the application can also store and make use of the barcode data for easier and faster cataloguing.

Among the cataloguing fields in this program are title, author, publisher, ISBN, number of pages, date published, original title, edition, genre, type, current price, purchase date, condition, owner, status, keywords, synopsis, awards, and others.

This program has been discontinued and no longer receives support from the developer.