Book of Secrets

Trilobyte Games (Proprietary)

Book of Secrets, developed by Trilobyte Games, is a guide for the interactive mystery puzzle game 7th Guest. In the game, the player is invited to the mansion of a mysterious character named Henry Stauf, who turns out to be the game’s antagonist. Stauf has set up several logic puzzles around the mansion and the invited guests must solve them or else death will come upon them. Players who have difficulty in solving a puzzle may consult a hint book that can be found in the mansion’s library. Players can find solutions to puzzles in the hint book, which may be consulted up to three times for all puzzles except for the final one. The hint book is different from the Book of Secrets, which is a standalone application.

This application provides users with a detailed, walk-through guide to the game. It includes directions for navigating the mysterious mansion, as well as hints and step-by-step instructions in solving the puzzles given by Stauf. In addition to these, this application also comes with additional music tracks and the original scripts for the 7th Guest game. The Book of Secrets is an indispensable tool for those who want to finish the puzzle game as quickly as possible, and those who would like to know ahead of time what the other challenges will be.