Core Systems (Freeware)

Bonzuna is a download manager that is used for downloading videos from various video hosting sites on the Internet. Users also have the option to stream videos with the application instead of downloading them. In addition to the download manager, the program also comes with a toolbar. This toolbar is installed on the user’s web browser window, allowing users to download or stream videos while browsing through websites.

The program has a simple and intuitive user interface where users can track and manage all their video downloads. There are four buttons at the top portion of the window. These are Input Link, Clear All Links, Open Download Folder, and Bonzuna Help. The interface also has a search field so users can search through all the files that they have downloaded. To use the program, users just have to provide the URL where the video they want is located. The program will then display the URL on the interface and download the file. A progress bar displays how much time it will take before the video is downloaded. There is also a button for streaming the video. This program is user-friendly and does not clog system resources. The Help file also teaches users how to use the different features of the application.