Bome's Mouse Keyboard 2.00

Bome Software (Shareware)

Bome’s Mouse Keyboard is an application that enables users to use the keyboard and mouse as a MIDI keyboard. It also supports a joystick and the mouse wheel. The program has a virtual keyboard that is used for composing pieces. There is also a drop-down menu for chords that can be utilized. The patch drop-down menu allows users to choose the instrument. Some of the options include harmonica, harpsichord, grand piano, xylophone, jazz guitar, and many others. Instruments can also be viewed by category from the Patches menu. Categories available are brass, ethnic, organ, guitar, piano, strings and orchestra, percussion, and special FX. The interface can be changed from the Settings menu as well. Users have control over the width of the keys on the keyboard, the number display, and the note display language.

Other features of Bome’s Mouse Keyboard program include the following:

• users can define the knobs to control the MIDI synthesizers in the program
• MIDI notes can be transposed
• full chords can be played with using one note with the chord editor component
• a computer joystick can be used as a MIDI controller
• support for pitch bending using the mouse wheel

Bome’s Mouse Keyboard also provides tutorials on the developer’s website.