Hudson (Shareware)

Bombermania is a computer video game where the player uses bombs in order to eliminate enemies and escape dungeons. The game is set in the future, where some robots have become useful aides to the humans. However, some of the other robots have become intelligent enough to rebel and wage war against their creators. The player takes on the role of the sole special agent tasked to eliminate all the evil robots. The scientists have developed a special set of bombs with different abilities. These bombs are then used to help the player get through the dungeons.

In Bombermania, the player navigate his way through a maze. In the maze, there are enemies that kill the player when the latter comes into contact with them. To escape through the dungeon, the player can use bombs to destroy the blocks and therefore create a path for escape. The bomb does not detonate immediately, giving the player a chance to run away from it. The bombs can also be set up to kill the enemies in the maze. Since there is an interval between setting up the bomb and its detonation, the user can make use of different strategies, such as leaving a series of bombs to trap an enemy and destroy it.