Bomber (Arcade Bombing Game)

KDE (Open Source)

Bomber (Arcade Bombing Game) is an arcade game included in the kdegames package. kdegames stands for KDE Games package. It includes simple arcade games for students and other learners. Bomber (Arcade Bombing Game) is a bomber game involving a plane controlled by the player. The plane constantly decreases in height as the level progresses. The game environment features a two-dimensional environment with scattered buildings of varying heights. The goal of the player is to destroy all the buildings in its path and invade that city. The player can only progress to the next level the moment he finishes off all the buildings in the area. However, each building is composed of different number of stories. The player has to drop down the required number of bombs to the correct building. However, since the plane is decreasing in height from start, he has to finish off all the tallest buildings so as not to crash into any of them. The level ends when the plane crashes into any of the buildings or lands without bombing every building in the city, and the number of lives has expired.

Bomber (Arcade Bombing Game) features a grey user interface. The menu provides 3 options: Game Settings, and Help. Function buttons include New, Pause, and Show High Scores. The window is occupied by the game environment. The status bar provides the current level, current Score, as well as the number of Lives remaining.