Boingo Wi-Finder 1.0

Boingo Wireless (Freeware)

Boingo Wi-Finder is a mobile application that provides its users with the ability to find designated Boingo Wi-Fi spots on the go. This particular application runs best on the Windows platform but is also compatible with other operating systems and can be used on a variety of devices from laptops to tablets to mobile phone units. Once installed, the program can be programmed to automatically detect any Wi-Fi hotspot signals within the user’s area allowing him or her to connect to the Boingo Network for unlimited Internet access.

Although access to the Boingo Wi-Finder is free, varying Internet subscription or usage rates may apply. Aside from reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, the application also provides different features for the benefit of its users including Internet security measures that ensure all connections are guarded against malware and similar dangers. Apart from these security elements, the application also makes available other services including hotspot notifications that let the users know if they are within any particular Boingo hotspot.

The Boingo Wi-Finder program also allows automatic connections to free Wi-Fi hotspots whenever these are available. Aside from making Internet connectivity easier, program users can also take advantage of free Internet usage whenever available. All that is needed to enjoy these benefits and more is a simple online registration into the Boingo Network.