Boggle Supreme

Funkitron, Inc. (Proprietary)

Boggle Supreme is a word search game program developed and published by Funkitron, Inc. It is the software version of the traditional Boggle word game. The game begins with the player shaking the board. After all the dice have settled down, the player must search for as many words as he can within a certain time limit. The letters of a word must be connected to each other in order for it to be valid. The goal is to earn the highest possible score. Finding words with more letters in it gives more score.

The game features three gameplay modes – Solitaire, Compete, and Blast. In the Solitaire mode, the player plays solo in finding as many words and scoring as high as possible. In the Compete mode, the player goes against “Boggle Betty”, an AI player whose only goal is to defeat the player. The last mode, Blast, provides a new way of playing Boggle. In this mode, the player still competes with Boggle Betty. However, there is a twist in this game, in which some of the letter dices turns into a bomb within a timeframe. The player must use that letter before the bomb explode or else the game is over.

Boggle Supreme also features two types of boards – Classic and Expert. The Classic board offers 4 by 4 grid, while the Expert board, or Deluxe board, offers a 5 by 5 grid. All game modes can be played in either board.