Boeing 737 Fuel Planner

Milan Puta (Shareware)

Boeing 737 Fuel Planner has a two-fold function. It is both a boarding utility and fuel planning program intended for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This application supports the 737-800, 737-700, 737-900, and 737-600.

This program runs right after the aircraft has been configured for cargo and passengers. When the MSFS is running this application can already read the total payload and start planning for the flight. The user has to encode a few important data such as the amount of fuel, total distance, cruising altitude, distance to the alternate airport, and other important information about the trip. With Boeing 737 Fuel Planner the numerical values are displayed in kilograms or pounds.

Here are some of the program’s features:
• Calculation of fuel burns in order to reach other airports.
• Calculation of en route fuel burn based on relevant parameters.
• Calculation of fuel consumption based on winds forecast.
• Indications of whether parameters exceed the limitations of the aircraft’s operations.

The Boeing 737 Fuel Planner is an effective fuel management utility that is specifically designed for flight simulations. The program has eight models and a number of available presets. Each of the models has relevant information on weight limits and restrictions that flyers need to know about.