Boardmaker & Speaking Dynamically Pro

King Software Development (Proprietary)

Boardmaker & Speaking Dynamically Pro is a communication software developed by King Software Development. The program is designed for users with speech disabilities. The program can be used as a speech output program for users with language disabilities. The software features more than 4500 pictures that correspond to real world objects that can be used for communication. These pictures are called PCS or Picture Communication Symbols. These images are shown in black and white and in color. They also correspond to more than 44 supported languages.  

Boardmaker & Speaking Dynamically Pro features more than 350 built-in templates that can be printed out. The program also features more than 600 interactive sample boards that users may use to teach or learn words and phrases. Some sample boards may also be printed out as homework. The program can be used by solo learners or by teachers to aid in teaching students with language and speech difficulties. The program comes with natural voices to read aloud words and the names of images. Voices that are integrated with the program are supplemented by RealSpeak voices, as well as AT&T voices.

Boardmaker & Speaking Dynamically Pro is useful in encouraging students to write if speech is too difficult. Teachers can also use the program to create homework and lesson plans for the students. Users may also create assessments to test the students’ improvements over time.