BMX Adventures 1 (Freeware)

BMX Adventures is a sports game wherein users have to control a BMX biker over the hills. The BMX biker can be controlled using the arrow keys. The up arrow is for pedaling, the right arrow is for leaning right, the left arrow is for leaning left, and the down arrow is used for braking. Players can gain speed while leaning back while pedaling. At the start of the game, two bikers are located at the starting point. The other biker represents the computer. The player’s goal is to beat the computer’s time in riding the BMX through the sloping hills.

The game is plain and simple and there are no other configurations to set. A timer is located at the upper right side of the window, so users can keep track of their time while playing the game. There is also another timer that displays the best time. Players can opt to play with sounds or disable the sounds by clicking on the volume icon at the bottom part of the window. The game also comes with a recorder, so players can record the game while playing. However, there is a time limit and races that take longer than 2 minutes are not recorded. BMX Adventures features six game levels with varying difficulty.