Bluetooth Software

Broadcom Corporation. (Freeware)

The Broadcom Corporation develops and distributes drivers like the Bluetooth Software This particular version was released in September 2013. This is a Bluetooth Driver. It can be used with particular brands of Bluetooth devices. It primarily works with Gateway devices. The driver is free and can be downloaded direct from the Broadcom website or from alternate sources.

The job of the Bluetooth Software is to provide users with a driver that will make their Bluetooth devices compatible with a particular computer system. The driver serves as the connection that links the Bluetooth device with a computer allowing people to manipulate it as necessary. When linked with a computer system, the person can program a specific series of settings that will enable the device to function as desired.

Usually, such drivers come in the form of an installation disk that is provided when a Bluetooth device is purchase. Should the owner misplace the disk, the driver can be sourced from online websites. This particular driver from Broadcom works well with Windows powered systems especially those that run on the XP platform. After the driver is downloaded, it automatically installs the necessary components into the computer. After this, the device simply needs to be synced with the particular system.