IVT Corporation. (Proprietary)

BlueSoleil is Bluetooth connection management software developed by IVT Corporation in July 2011. BlueSoleil allows users to manage devices that are connected via Bluetooth to their computers. It offers Voice over IP support as well as Skype with Bluetooth headset support. BlueSoleil users may also transfer files wirelessly from a mobile device to a computer using a Bluetooth dongle. Users may even listen to music using wireless Bluetooth headsets from their computers. BlueSoleil also allows users to wireless printing using a Bluetooth-connected printer. It also has wireless keyboard and mouse support.

BlueSoleil features Contact management of phone contacts thru wireless transfer and backup. Users may view, edit and send messages to contacts using the BlueSoleil software. Users may also place voice and video calls using BlueSoleil. It also has a Send To functionality, which allows users to right click a file and Send to an external Bluetooth device. It also features a Send by Bluetooth functionality with Microsoft Outlook and other email client programs. BlueSoleil features advanced audio distribution profile and audio/video remote control profile. It also features Basic imaging profile and Cordless telephony profile.

BlueSoleil interface shows the Bluetooth connection status. When the Bluetooth logo is grey, there is no Bluetooth dongle connected. The logo turns blue when a dongle is attached and green when a Bluetooth capable device is wirelessly connected to the PC.