NirSoft (Freeware)

BlueScreen View is a program that enables users to gather information from “Blue Screen of Death” crashes that occurred in the computer. The Blue Screen of Death or Blue Screen Error is an error message displayed by Microsoft Windows operating systems after encountering a critical error that is non-recoverable in nature and causes the main system to crash. BlueScreen View is designed to read minidump files and help users to identify the source of the problem and thus prevent system crashes from occurring in the future. Though the program itself cannot repair the system error, it can provide information about the data or file that causes the system crash. This information includes the file name, files description, product name, and product version.

BlueScreen View automatically scans the computer’s minidump folder and displays the list of all crash dumps on the top pane of the screen. The program also provides information such as crash dump date, crash dump time, bug check string, bug check code, and parameters. Users can also view the actual blue screen of death error message when the crash happened. It can be seen at the bottom panel of the screen. BlueScreen View is lightweight and doesn’t require an installation. It is readily available for free download in the Internet.