blueMSX 2.8.2

BlueMSX (Freeware)

MSX is a standardized computer architecture released in the 80s. It is like a template on which the computers today are patterned after. BlueMSX was created to function as an emulator, which allows users to run programs created for MSX on the high end computers. This program’s cycle is accurate which means that hardware components emulated through this perform like the real MSX. It is primarily used for gaming. For instance, it has save state features that solve the issues on games which take too long and difficult.

It has a user-friendly theme-based graphical user interface with buttons providing control of the emulation, a virtual keyboard and a set of controls to change settings for sound and video games. It allows screen capture of different sizes and audio capture, customizable hotkey, file support for DSK, ROM,CAS and ZIP, recent file list and quick save capabilities and, an advanced debugger for an MSX developer.

Other main features of the blueMSX program include the following:

• Support for customizing of different consoles, such as ColecoVision, SG-1000, turboR, MSX, MSX2/MSX2+, SVI318/328, and SC-3000
• Comes with a theme structure and a component for configuring keyboards
• Support for specified different keyboard layouts
• Support for multiple languages