BlueJ 3.0.8

BlueJ Team (Freeware)

BlueJ is a cross-platform Java IDE program originally written by Michael Kölling and David Barnes. It was initially released in 1999. The program includes built-in virtual machine, debugger, editor, and compiler. The goal of this program is to offer a Java environment particularly created for educational purposes as well as small-scale software development. The program’s features are created specifically to help users learn program development as well as object-oriented programming theories.  

It features Object Orientation Representation wherein the objects and classes are presented visually. Both the objects and classes have their unique visual representations. This allows users to demonstrate that objects have their own class type and that codes are directly associated with a particular class. Object interaction is also featured in the program in a way that user can experiment with the available objects using the “Object Bench”. The program also features Code Pad, which is used for evaluating Java statements and expressions. Regression testing through JUnit integration is also available.

BlueJ features Group Work support allowing group works through subsets of Subversion and CVS functions. There is also support for Java Micro Edition enabling users to deploy and develop Java ME projects. The program’s functionalities can also be extended using extensions, or plug-ins, that can be created using API. Creating executable JAR applets and files is possible as well.