The Bluefish Developers (Freeware)

Bluefish is a text editor that consists of advanced tools for developing and programming websites. The program is easy to learn and use even if it is geared towards advanced users. Programmers can make use of the application even if using just a netbook as more than a hundred files can be loaded in just a few seconds. It can load up to 10,000 documents all at the same time. One of the main features of the program is search and replace. This allows the user to search for expressions in the document and replace them easily. Another main feature of the application is the snippets sidebar, which is used for inserting patterns and stating custom dialogs. Doing so can speed up the programming process.

Other features of the Bluefish application are the following:
• Undo/redo – The program has an unlimited undo and redo functionality.
• Spell checker – Bluefish also has a built-in spellchecker that goes through all the documents. However, the spellchecker only checks the spelling for strings and comments and not the coding itself.
• Programming tools – The software also has other tools and functions including join lines, tabs to spaces, and strip whitespace.
• Lightweight – The program does take up a lot of system resources.