BlueCloner 4.0 (Shareware)

BlueCloner is a program for creating backup of Blu-ray discs. The application copies discs as is so the resulting file is sure to be an exact copy of the original. The application also has a feature called customized copy mode to allow users to set the parameters for copying the disc. The application has a built-in HST that increases the copy speed. BlueCloner is also capable of compressing a Blu-ray disc with a size of 50 Gb to a disc space of 25 Gb. Additionally, the contents of a Blu-ray disc can be split and transferred to two blank Blu-ray discs.

The application’s user interface has a simple look. Users have five different options when copying Blu-ray discs. These are complete copy, movie only copy, split copy, full 1:1 copy, and customized copy. Before burning copies, users can tweak the reading and burning configurations. Some of the items that can be changed are the encoding engine and speed used, the special features picture quality, burn speed, and the disc size to be used.

Other features of the application are the following:
• Decrypts Blu-ray discs with protections
• Supports decoding for ATI video cards for decoding high definition videos
• Improved copying speed
• Preview the Blu-ray source before copying
• Back-up Blu-ray discs to hard drive