Blue Manager Suite

iAnywhere Solutions (Proprietary)

Blue Manager Suite is a Bluetooth connection wizard developed by iAnywhere Solutions. The program allows users to connect their Bluetooth-capable devices with their computer. Bluetooth devices include headsets, printers, mouse, and keyboards, among others. The program also allows users to connect their mobile and handheld devices like phones and tablets to their computers using a Bluetooth connection. The program also supports functions like dial-up networking, wireless transfer, and personal area networking. Audio program functions include listening to music and making or receiving a call.

Blue Manager Suite sports a classical grey and blue-themed user interface. The window features a Command Panel at the top, and two sub-windows below it. The left panel displays the devices connected to the computer via Bluetooth. Devices are divided into different service types—Audio Devices, Computers, Phones, LAN Access Ports, and Imaging Devices, among others. The right panel shows the connection status of each of the discovered devices.  It also displays the corresponding Service Type, Service name, and Service Status. The Blue Manager Configuration window shows different menu options including Local Device, Bluetooth Security, Profile Manager, Shared Folders, Object Push, Audio, Basic Imaging, and Personal Area Networking.  Clicking any of the menu items launches the corresponding options on the right panel of the Configuration window.

Blue Manager Suite is compatible with third-party programs like Skype, A2DP, and Windows Media Player.