Blooming Daisies

Interama Games (Freeware)

Blooming Daisies is a park simulation casual game developed by the company, Interama. In this game, the player takes on the role of a young lady named Daisy, whose uncle Larry opens a garden park in the middle of the city. The player’s primary job is to oversee the garden park and make sure that all the plants are well-tended. The game offers an Endless mode, which does not require any mandatory objectives or tasks. However, the player does need to perform a number of tasks in order to keep the garden park in good condition. These tasks include purchasing various types of flowering plants and garden decorations, cleaning the park premises, collecting the trash, and watering the garden.

The player can also buy a variety of items at the park store, which updates its collection on a regular basis. Money is earned by selling fully-grown plants to park visitors. The cash is used to buy things at the store, which will enhance the park and fetch even more money. Players can also earn cash by reaching certain goals. Blooming Daisies has a very relaxed pace that allows players to take their time in reaching the game’s achievements. There is a music that plays in the background as the player watches over his or her growing plants.