BloodRayne 2

Terminal Reality Inc. (Proprietary)

BloodRayne 2 is an action-adventure packed game with a vampire theme, which takes place in the present-day 2000s setting. Rayne is the game’s main character and she is on the hunt to kill her own father Kagan, an evil vampire lord, and her own siblings who have formed the Cult of Kagan. The latter intends to take on the world and practice vampire supremacy where human beings are mere prey for the predators that hound them. Other game characters include Severin, Rayne’s ally and auxiliary from Brimstone Society, and Zerenski, Ferril, Ephemera, and Xerx – Rayne’s nefarious siblings.

In this second game from the BloodRayne Series, Rayne’s siblings comes up with a substance called “The Shroud” a substance that renders the otherwise lethal rays of the sun to be harmless to vampires. With this substance, vampires are able to emerge at any time of the day. Rayne is the only one standing between the credulous humans and a terrifying vampire reign. As the game advances, Rayne earns and is equipped with additional fighting combos, gun modes, and abilities. This game also comes with a demo that lets one play the Mansion mission where Rayne must penetrate the Cult of Kagan.