Blood II: The Chosen

Monolith Productions Inc. (Proprietary)

Blood II: The Chosen is the second installment in the Blood game series, a first person shooter computer game released in 1998. A first person shooter game is a type of computer game where the player takes the role of the protagonist(s) in the story. The game is set in the year 2028 when the main antagonist group Cabal has grown from a small cult to a corporation operating all over the world. Gideon, the leader of Cabal is set to destroy Caleb, the main protagonist who unknowingly has the power to bind dimensions.

In single player mode, Blood II: The Chosen allows the player to choose from four Chosen characters: Caleb, Ophelia, Gabriella and Ishmael, who all have unique capabilities and weak spots. To experience the entire storyline of the game, the player needs to take the role of Caleb, while the other Chosen characters just offer subsets of the story. There is a variety of weapons available and the player can choose a maximum of nine items to carry. There are several chapters in the game, which the player can access on a specified order. Players can use cheat codes to skip some levels but the normal game play involves playing each chapter one after the other.