Blogilo (A KDE Blogging Client)

KDE Education Project (Mehrdad Momeny, Golnaz Nilieh) (Freeware)

Blogilo (A KDE Blogging Client) is a blog platform. A blogging client provides people with a host for their personal blog sites. This means that users can register for a blog page, write what they want, when they want, and about what they want, and then put it up on the server under their registered member name.

Created under the KDE Education Project organization, the Blogilo (A KDE Blogging Client) program provides its users with an avenue to publish their personal blogs. This is a service that is free to use and the registration process is easy. An interested individual simply has to input certain details including his or her name, email address, and chosen screen name for starters. A password then has to be chosen to provide the user with sole and secure access to the account.

This particular program functions efficiently as a blogging client since it does not only provide its users with access to writing and publishing tools, but also offers several editing features. Bloggers can apply different fonts, styles, and formatting to the text prior to publishing and they can embed images or video files as desired. It is also possible for them to incorporate links into the final article.