Blocks That Matter

Swing Swing Submarine (Shareware)

Blocks That Matter is an indie action game developed and published by the company Swing Swing Machine. In this game, the player assumes the role of a little robot called “Tetrobot” whose ability is to gather blocks by hitting them. The robot must go through 40 stages, each of which comes with a main goal – to reach the end of the portal successfully. The environment features a two-dimensional landscape and a platformer format. Apart from hitting the blocks, the player can also drill them in order to collect them. In Puzzle mode, these blocks will be used to construct new structures that each consist of four, perfectly fitting blocks.

In Adventure mode, the player can earn upgrades as s/he progresses in the game. Some of these upgrades include the ability to blast an entire row of blocks; however, the player must make sure that there are at least eight blocks left. Higher levels make it more difficult for the player to accomplish this as fewer blocks are left to be blown up. If not enough blocks are left, the game restarts. This game mode also features two main characters named Alexey Pajitnov and Marcus Persson, who also happen to be the minds behind Tetris and Minecraft.