Blobby Volley


Blobby Volley is a gaming program that showcases the game of volleyball, but instead of using characters for players, uses blobs of varying colors instead, hence the name. It was developed for online game play which means that users must be connected to the Internet to enjoy the game to its full potential. Although there are external downloads available, these do not perform as well as the online version but they do allow Blobby Volley aficionados to play the game whenever, wherever, and even without a Web link.

There are different volleyball courts that can be chosen from when it comes to the Blobby Volley program. Some of these are readily available while others have to be unlocked to be enjoyed. Players take the characters of blobs which appear in different colors to distinguish player from player. The blobs actually make for easy playing since any part of them can be used to catch and strike the game ball. It is this simplicity that attracts more and more participants to the game.

The interface is quite simple. When the game is launched, several option menus appear allowing players to choose courts and blob colors. On the top middle part of the screen is where the active playing score can be seen and that is about it.