Blizzard North TheEvil 2

Blizzard North (Proprietary)

Blizzard North’s The Evil 2 is an alias for a horror-themed, role-playing video game more popularly known as Diablo II. The game is developed especially for Mac OS and Windows computers. Diablo II is aptly identified as a dark fantasy game where players hack and slash through an epic story line of heroics and hidden evil. Following the success of its predecessor, Diablo, Diablo II became a popular on-line game through Bilzzard Norths’s free servers which form It can be played in multiplayer mode through LAN-based servers via TCP/ IP protocol.

The game’s plot follows the death of Diablo from the first franchise. In Diablo II, the lead character discovers that Diablo’s evil spirit remains in the soulstone which he then buried in his forehead. Diablo’s evilness corrupts the hero and led him to go to the Eastern cities where the devil will find salvation.

Players can choose from seven playable characters namely, the Druid, the Assassin, the Amazon, the Barbarian, the Sorceress, the Necromancer, and the Paladin. The game takes its players to through four expansive realms named the Monastery of the Harpy, Lut-Gholein, the jungle of Kurast, and finally the realm of hell where players should fulfill six searches. The game provides an arsenal of weapons that helps the player complete missions and searches. The game can also be played through different levels of difficulty allowing the players to test their mastery of the game.