Blizzard Launcher

Blizzard Entertainment (Freeware)

Blizzard Launcher, also known as the World of Warcraft (WoW) Launcher, is a utility program first introduced with patch 1.8.3. Its main purpose is to act as a launcher for the World of Warcraft game. A separate download link is not available for this program. It is included in the World of Warcraft game client and in the Blizzard Downloader. This program offers prelaunch configurations for the World of Warcraft game as well as the patch downloader. It also acts a virus scanner. It warns the player for any malicious software that tries to penetrate the computer. New links regarding the Blizzard Company and the game are also available.

Blizzard Launcher controls the settings for the Blizzard Downloader when it comes to pre-patching. It can also be used for updating the WoW game. Configuration options for displaying the program’s options panel are also available. This includes Path Downloader preferences, Prelaunch WoW preferences and a Website link to the WoW Account Management website, which can be used to access the Parental Controls. The application also provides a Public Test button link that will redirect users to the PTR login website. A button that shows the web links panel is also available. This button shows web links for the Community, Forums page, Blizzard Store and Technical Support.