Blitzkrieg Mod

Xalibur (Proprietary)

Blitzkrieg Mod is a popular Company of Heroes (CoH) computer game. Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy game where the players manage three main resources: manpower, ammunition, and fuel. They gather resources by taking control of certain points in the game map. That means they need to continuously expand their territory and also strategize by reducing their opponent’s resources. The game can be played in single player or multiplayer modes, with the latter allowing a maximum of eight players to play while connected to the Internet.

Blitzkrieg Mod offers a realistic weapon damage and infantry system. There are more than 100 units for all factions. Players can enhance many abilities, traverse a total of 32 new maps, and utilize a newly designed ambush system 2.0, which makes use of trees and bushes. There are over 80 missions divided into three campaigns: Western Allied, German and Soviet, and multiplayer internet matches. It utilizes World War 2 videos to make the gaming interface more realistic and also includes great audio. The infantry units consist of the engineer squad, riflemen, recon, sniper, rangers, ranger captain, and tank commander which are subject to consistent attack and must have good cover. Players are provided increased visuals, a choice of weapons, and the ability to zoom into locations.