Blink - Personal

eEye Digital Security (Proprietary)

Blink – Personal edition provides users with complete Internet security. It has the ability to protect computer systems and data from spyware, malware, identity theft, viruses, malicious websites, and similar attacks. Blink comes with a combination of advanced protection tools and technologies so home users can rest assured their sensitive files are safe from attacks. The integrated features of this program are the following:

• System Protection Module – this module monitors the computer’s key system components and efficiently recognizes any form of malicious activity that may modify registry settings and system files, so that users can take appropriate action immediately.
• Vulnerability Assessment Module – this feature scans the computer system for missing Microsoft Security Patches, unpatched software, and misconfigured system settings. Aside from these, this module can also scan for other security problems that can make the user’s computer system vulnerable to attack. This feature makes use of eEye’s advanced Retina Vulnerability Scanner for optimum protection. If it has discovered problems, the program will then offer instructions on what to do so that users can undertake the appropriate action.
• Personal Firewall Module – this comprehensive firewall helps prevent the user’s computer system from being exposed to unsolicited or malicious traffic as well as network scanning. Users can customize the firewall settings and exceptions to allow only the trusted traffic they specify.
• Intrusion Preventions System Module – this feature protects computers from online threats that target the vulnerabilities of third-party applications.