VSO Software (Shareware)

Blindwrite is an optical disc authoring program that enables users to back-up and copy their optical discs such as CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. Blindwrite can read and write files and programs into compact discs and create disc images (ISO) that can be mounted on a virtual drive. This program also has a feature that enables users to continue the copying process even if the program detects an error due to scratches on the disc’s surface. Blindwrite can read and write optical discs using a “Sub Code” or Sub Channel Data, a type of an optical disc code

Blindwrite offers options that enable users to configure the disc output quality. Users can provide a disc name, description, and adjust the disc writing speed or they can select the default settings. Blindwrite’s interface displays the information and writing status of a disc by means of a log window and a progress bar on the bottom portion of the window. Actions such as Read, Write, and Copy are located on the left portion of the screen. Users are also provided with a directory bar that helps them locate files or disc images to be copied. This bar also displays the track length and overall disc size. Blindwrite utilizes a voice notification system to inform users of program events such as an error or the completion of the writing process.