Blender 2.76a

Blender Foundation (Open Source)

Blender is a 3D computer graphics free software used in making professional-quality animations.  It is commonly used in the creation of visual effects, video games, interactive 3D applications and animated films.  Its interface is well-laden with numerous application tools whose utilities allow users to create outputs with dynamic visual features and elements.

Its functions take time to master and are best learned by following the tutorials that are available on its website.  Its 3D rendering facilities can be utilized best by advanced users.  This software comes with an exhaustive list of features that allow users extensive flexibility in creating designs and outputs.  Settings are categorized according to Animation, Interface, Image and Composting, Modeling, Rendering, Rigging and Physics and Particles to name a few. Particular tools also include polygon meshes, edge rendering, 3D and 2D procedural brushes, textures, and 3D paint for vertex weighing.  A number of simulation tools are also present such as collision, soft body and particle simulation. Python also allows for extras to be added to the program and helpful and additional scripts may be found in a number of user forums. Through plug-ins, the application can be integrated with external render engines. Blender’s latest features also include dynamic topology sculpting, rigid body physics simulation and matcap display.