Blasterball 3

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Blasterball 3 is a casual video game developed and released by WildTangent Inc. in 2006. This game is the third installment of the Blasterball series published by WildTangent. In this game, the player controls a hovering paddle, which is used to bounce a small ball that destroys colored blocks that are floating above the screen. The game’s objective is to destroy all the blocks by keeping the ball bouncing towards the colored bricks. A player loses the game if the ball slips past the hovering paddle. Blasterball 3 features 100 standard game levels and two difficulty modes: Normal and Dark. The player also has the chance to unlock bonus levels and other game modes, as well as a custom level where a player can freely design the colored bricks into their own patterns. Bonus levels are unlocked once the player beats all the standard game levels.

Blasterball 3 features various traps and power ups that can be picked up in each level. These are dropped if a player destroys a brick. Power ups assist the player by enlarging the paddle size or slowing the ball’s bounce. Traps do the opposite by decreasing the paddle’s size, speeding up the ball, or by slowing the paddle’s movement. Another feature allows the player to create their own soundtrack by playing the music of their choice when playing.