Blasterball 2 Revolution

WildTangent, Inc. (Proprietary)

Blasterball 2 Revolution is an arcade game developed by WildTangent, Inc. It was released in August 2004. The game is of the ball blasting game genre. The goal of the game is to destroy all the bricks using the ball. The ball is launched from the paddle and bounced on the walls to reach the bricks. Once it touches a brick, that brick is destroyed and the ball bounces to yet another location. The game features more than 200 levels with different colored bricks in several arrangements. The game is set on different background and music accompaniment. The goal of the game is finish each puzzle and destroy the game boss.

Blasterball 2 Revolution’s graphical user interface features the main game window set against a colorful background. The current stage is displayed at the top left portion while the current score is shown at the top right. The GUI also displays the high score at the right. Instructions on how to play can be found on the right panel. Users may pause, play, or quit the game from the buttons at the bottom. To launch the ball, users can click the left mouse button or tap the space bar. Players advance to the next level by completely destroying all the bricks in the current level. The game also comes with extra 100 levels in a backwards world. This world features the ball at the top instead of the bottom of the window.