Blasterball 2 Remix 1

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Blasterball 2 Remix is the ‘remixed’ version of the popular Blasterball 2: Revolution. In the game franchise, the player must be able to catch the ball every time it hits the bricks and bounces back.  The version offers new levels, music, art, and graphics to the game. It has a neon Miami vibe to improve its overall look.

There are a total of 200 levels in this version, each having a puzzle to solve, secret to unlock, and boss to defeat. Additionally, each brick plays a certain note. With the background music, the player can create a sound track every time the ball hits these bricks.

Blasterball 2 Remix has the following features:

• Obstacles –There are roaming enemies that are released from the top, which will try to deflect the ball. The player must hit these enemies before it reaches the paddle and destroys it. Level bosses must also be defeated as they attempt to block the player from hitting any brick.
• Rewards – Surprise rewards can be obtained by hitting bricks in a row. But these rewards can also be earned from a special brick.
• Difficulty – The player can choose the game’s level of difficulty namely Very Easy, Easy, Medium, and Difficult.
• Secrets – There are stages that unlock other secret and bonus levels. For advanced players, the shadow world can be opened by doubling the game play.