Blasterball 2 Holidays

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Blasterball 2 Holidays is an arcade game developed by WildTangent, Inc. The game was released on December 2004. The game is a brick busting game. Bricks are arranged according to the holiday theme. For example, the bricks are arranged into a shamrock design for St. Patrick’s Day, into a snowflake for the winter, or trees for spring. The game features colorful visuals and accompanying sounds.

Blasterball 2 Holidays graphical user interface features a window set in a colorful sky background. The upper left portion displays the current stage or level. There are more than 200 levels to complete for this game. The energy level is displayed below the current stage number. The upper right portion shows the High Score, as well as the current Score for the active game. The bottom right portion displays the instructions for the game. The main game window shows the bricks arranged at the top, and the ball launcher at the bottom. The game also features some bonus objects that can be targeted by the ball. Bonus objects include cherries and snowflake objects hovering between the bricks. Players can launch the ball by clicking the left mouse button. Users may also use the space bar to launch the ball. The bottom part of the window displays the logo of the game, as well as the current status—whether in pause, or play mode.