Blades of Time

Gaijin Entertainment (Shareware)

Blades of Time is an action adventure game that was first released in March 2012. In the game, players assume the role of Ayumi, a treasure hunter who is trapped in a mysterious island called Dragonland. The island consists of powers that Ayumi can use. The player must defeat enemies and evade traps in order to get magical powers. One of the features of the application is Time Rewind. In Time Rewind, players can go back in time and create a clone that repeats the last actions that the character did. Ayumi also has a Dash ability, which allows her to dash to the enemy and close the distance to hit them. There are several weapons available in the game including a machine gun, a rifle, and a variety of swords.

There are 40 skills for Ayumi to learn in the game. These skills are a combination of tactics, melee skills, magic, and combos. Increasing Ayumi’s skills will help the player defeat enemies easier as the game progresses. The game features a big map with various landscapes including snow-covered lands, cities, sky lands, temples, and jungles.

Other features of Blades of Time include the following:
• Environmental puzzles
• Dynamic action
• Breathtaking plot
• Multiplayer mode (co-op or versus mode)