Blackmagic LiveKey

Blackmagic Design (Bundled)

Blackmagic LiveKey is a component that comes bundled with DeckLink capture cards. These cards are utilized in the production of different kinds of video output, such as music videos, television commercials, feature films, documentaries, episodic shows, news and lifestyle segments, and others. With the card, users can capture video from live feeds, cameras, and decks directly into video editing applications for editing, enhancement, and addition of effects. There are different kinds of DeckLink card models depending on the needs of the user.

The LiveKey tool provides users with the ability to insert logos, photos, line art, and other graphics in videos in real time, through the use of SDI outputs. Keying graphics over video may be done internally using any DeckLink card, and externally using the DeckLink Pro card and through the use of two independent SDI outputs.

Internal keying is done by pumping a video signal through the output and input channels of the DeckLink board, then dragging and dropping an image-with-alpha on the window of the application. LiveKey will then key the image over the video using the alpha layer. The process is the same with external keying, but the two SDI outputs need to be connected to a mixer to handle the separate inputs.