Blackmagic Disk Speed Test

Blackmagic (Freeware)

Blackmagic Disk Speed Test can measure the speed of a computer’s drives. It lets the user know how fast the drives are. It will also report speed changes over a period of time. It can monitor disk performance, which is particularly useful when storing large files, such as high quality videos. To use the program, simply install it and press the start button. The software will proceed to test the drives and when finished, it will display the result. The software will continue to test the drives over time to alert the user of the drive’s performance and readability.

Disk Speed Test tests the drives by writing a big block of data in it. Next, it will test the write speed and then read it back. It will tell the user of the drive’s speed in MB/s. Its unique feature is that it will display what kind of video formats and resolution the drives can handle. The software can tell what uncompressed video formats the computer can handle. This is particularly useful for people who save videos in different formats. The software can tell the speed of any drive, be it a simple magnetic drive or an SSD (Solid State Drive), in one simple click.