Blackhawk Striker 2

WildTangent, Inc. (Proprietary)

BlackHawk Striker 2 is an arcade shooter video game developed by WildTangent Inc. and was released in August 2004. This game is the second installment of BlackHawk Striker, another WildTangent Inc. game.

In BlackHawk Striker 2, players take the role of a helicopter pilot on a mission to attack enemy bases while avoiding getting hit by enemy fire. Players can choose between three models of combat helicopters that have different attributes. Players control their helicopter’s movement by means of the arrow keys an fire the helicopter’s weapons using the spacebar. Black Hawk Striker 2 features various enemy craft such as enemy helicopters, fighter planes, bombers, tanks, gunboats, and naval ships that will prevent the player from reaching its destination. The player’s helicopter will get destroyed if it gets hit with enemy fire or if it collides with an enemy aircraft.

BlackHawk Striker 2 features various power-ups that are obtained by destroying enemy aircraft, vehicles, and structures. These power-ups hover on the screen after the player destroys an enemy that carried it. Power-ups include improvements on the helicopter’s guns allowing it to shoot extra projectiles over a wider arc, change the weapons from guns to advanced weapons such as lasers, or provide bombs that are dropped on enemies on the ground. Black Hawk Striker 2 also features power-ups that provide support for the player by providing a force field that renders the player’s helicopter invincible to enemy fire for a time period, or a super bomb that destroys all enemies present in the game screen. Players can get an extra life by accumulating 10000 points from destroying enemies.