Blackbox for Windows

grischka (Shareware)

Blackbox for Windows is a program intended for Windows systems and functions as a stacking window manager. This utility serves as one of the many possible alternative shell for computers running on Microsoft Windows. This applications stands out because of two main features—it is fast and it is designed for cross-platform support.

This application was stylistically based on the Blackbox window manager that was written using original coding by Bradley Hughes for the X Window System. Hughes used C++ in writing and it was made to be compliant with the specifications of Extended Window Manager Hints. The codebase for Blackbox for Windows is different.

With this application, the themes do not need to be created specifically for the shell since the style presents with no difference in appearance. There are hundreds of styles contained in the archive giving users a wide array of options to choose from.

This application is specifically designed to be as close as possible to the *nix version in terms of design. The program has its own mechanism for rendering visuals on the fly and gives users a lot of control in terms of choosing the look that they want for their interface.

The interface and main menu of Blackbox for Windows are laid out for ease of use. A built-in taskbar is provided and ample workspace is available as well.