BlackBerry® Media Sync 7.1.0

Research In Motion Limited (Freeware)

BlackBerry Media Sync is a utility program that enables users to synchronize music files saved in their computer into their BlackBerry smart phone. This application enables users to play music saved in their Windows Media Player folder or from their iTunes playlist. BlackBerry Media Sync automatically synchronizes the content of these folders to enable users to access them using their BlackBerry smart phone. This program also allows users to create music mixes from one or both sources and create playlists. BlackBerry Media Sync works with iTunes version 7.2 or higher, Windows Media Player 10 or higher, and requires a media card or on board device memory in the user’s smart phone. Users would also need to plug their BlackBerry smart phone in their computer to be able to start music synchronization. BlackBerry Media Sync’s capacity to synchronize and import music depends on the smart phone’s installed memory.

BlackBerry Media Sync features a simple wizard interface that guides users in synchronizing music in their computers in their BlackBerry smart phone. The program does most of the tasks automatically and requires little actions from the part of the user. Once connected, users may select the music they would want to import in their BlackBerry smart phone and start creating playlists and playing music.