BlackArmor Discovery 1.20

Seagate (Proprietary)

BlackArmor Discovery is a program which allows users to locate Seagate Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers on their local area network. Network Attached Storage is a highly specialized unit whose primary function is data storage catering to multiple users. For instance, a company with several departments will need to share some relevant files most of the time. Sometimes, they will need to share with only a select few but sometimes everyone or most of the employees will need access to particular files. A Network Attached Storage makes this possible by giving faster access to files, easier way to manage the information sharing and simple steps to configure.

The BlackArmor Discovery Window allows users to register a server and to access the Seagate support online in case there are procedures which are unclear or when there are technical difficulties. On top of these, the discovery window or user interface also offers the following capabilities:

• View and see the shared folders
• Map the NAS server as a network drive on the MyComputer page- This feature gives easy access to the server.
• Create a backup of the files through the BlackArmor Backup
• Setup, modify and modify the server through the BlackArmor Manager