Black Thorn

Berla (Proprietary)

Black Thorn is a GPS forensics tool developed by Berla and released on March 2009. The program is highly useful in investigating data contained in handheld GPS devices. The program is used by forensic investigators in examining, acquiring, and analyzing data. The program also works with portable automotive, maritime, and aviation GPS devices for up to 3500 different GPS profiles. The program features file import acquisition, flash memory decoding, logical, and physical acquisition.

Black Thorn features advanced reports generating functions using the Custom Report Builder tool. The program utilizes geo locations and common activity locations for analyzing and examining data. Using the analysis function, users can check the number and identity of devices simultaneously accessing a specific location or visiting a particular location. The program can also check the number of devices having an activity within a distance. Users may add maps and annotations in generated reports. The program offers offline and online annotation and mapping tools .Export capabilities include support for several file formats including CSV, TXT, PDF, Word, Excel, and HTML.  

Black Thorn offers advanced search facilities. Users can perform custom queries using keywords and geo location tags. Users may also use hash values and file type format when searching for data. The program likewise offers global and user-based watch list capabilities. The program features compatibility with DoD Coral Reef System.