Black Shark 1.0.2

Eagle Dynamics (Shareware)

Black Shark is a patch or add-on program that allows the player to use the KA-50 attack helicopter in the Flaming Cliffs 2 wartime simulator game. Both the patch and mother program/game are part of the Digital Combat Simulator series of training programs and video games developed by Eagle Dynamics. The DCS series simulates flightcraft at high levels of detail while using real data from the actual aircraft simulated. Due to this, the video and training games are also utilized to promote some of these vehicles to military clients. Actual data from testing the aircraft are used and integrated into the games and patches. These include weaponry and weapons guidance systems, avionics, aerodynamics, weather, and damage-modeling.

The DCS Black Shark module focuses on the Kamov KA-50, a ground attack helicopter. The module was mainly developed as an expansion for another standalone game, Lock On. Within the game, the player will see high levels of detail and interactivity with the environs and the cockpit of the aircraft. All switches in the actual helicopter are shown in-game, with most of them interactive. Although most of the switches and buttons are operated with a touchscreen and/or a mouse, some require the keyboard—about 500 commands can be activated with keystrokes.