Black Mirror III 1.01

Cranberry Productions (Shareware)

Black Mirror III: Final Fear is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Cranberry Productions and published by The Adventure Company. The third and final installment of the Black Mirror trilogy series, the game continues the story of Adrian Gordon, who was previously known as Darren Michaels. The opening scene shows Gordon running through the woods while holding a torch. He is now the prime suspect of the burning of the castle, and must prove his innocence. In this game, the player takes on two personas: Adrian Gordon and Prioress Valentina Antolini. They must work together to break the dreaded Mordred curse in order for the Gordon lineage to live on.

Played from as third-person perspective, Black Mirror III features 6 chapters and an epilogue that attempts to bind the series. Gordon is interrogated and arrested shortly afterwards by Inspector Spooner on arson and murder charges. However, his stay in prison is short-lived as someone bails him out. Now that he is free, Gordon is bent on proving his innocence and find out why he has been having recurring nightmares. To navigate the game, the player must left-click once to direct the character’s movement, left-click twice to transport the character to a hotspot. To get details about a hotspot, the player must right-click on it.