Black Gold Teletext

Genesis Digital Innovations (Shareware)

Black Gold Teletext is a teletext browser developed by Genesis Digital Innovations and released on April 2008. This program features an extensive database, enabling users to have instantaneous page access. This program also features full presentation of World Standard Teletext Level 1.5. This program has a text search functionality. It also features automatic URL identification. It can save email addresses, enabling email access with just one click. It also offers this functionality when it comes to automatic one-click dialing by saving a database of phone numbers.

Black Gold Teletext graphical user interface is based on the Internet Explorer interface. The menu bar shows options for File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, and Help. The toolbar is located just below the menu bar. The window shows the page numbers that the users may click to access a channel. The keyword search dialog box shows the input box at the top, the Results window in the middle, and the Search progress bar at the bottom. Users may opt to access a particular page from the results by selecting a page and clicking the Go To Page button. This program also features color and mono-printing functionality. The Print dialog box provides the users some option to print the current subpage or all the subpages. The dialog box also enables users to choose whether to print in color or in black and white. IT also shows a printer dropdown selector at the bottom.