Bitberry Software (Shareware)

BitZipper is an application that allows users to unzip compressed files. It supports more than 40 different compression formats. The program is capable of opening almost any kind of zipped file. In addition to unzipping, the application also has additional features, such as the built-in file viewer. Users can view the contents of a zipped folder right from the BitZipper interface. The program also protects data by using strong encryption methods. After creating a zip file, users can supply a password and the application will encrypt the folder to ensure security.

BitZipper has four different interfaces to satisfy both beginners and advanced users. The four interfaces are:
• Wizard Interface – The wizard interface is best for users who are new to using the program. The wizard guides the user throughout the whole process.
• Classic Interface – The classic interface resembles the Windows Explorer window.
• Bulk Interface – The bulk interface if for users who plan to work with a lot of files all at the same time.
• Windows Explorer – The last interface is the one that is integrated in the Windows Explorer window.

The application is easy to use and all the buttons for performing tasks are located within the main window.