BitTorrent Proxy

Copyright by Megas (Bundled)

BitTorrent Proxy is a plugin that serves to bypass or overcome all critical issues that torrent trackers cause. When torrent files are created, the archives are distributed or shared by an individual on a particular network. This individual is recognized as the torrent tracker.

It is the job of the BitTorrent Proxy from Megas, a Russian independent programmer, to remove tracker restrictions should these exist and limit full file downloads from commencing. What the plugin does is generate system requests that are forwarded to a particular tracker. This is what causes file parameters to change in such a way that the false values originally carried by the tracker are reverted in accordance with the data that is possessed by the program user. This means that files can be downloaded much faster, and instead of gaining access to individual files, users gain access to complete folders.

There are different torrent downloaders available today. Torrent files are archive files that carry metadata about different files and folders. Apart from this, the file also carries information on network locations for the trackers. Trackers basically refer to the peer network that contributes and distributes torrent files on a particular server. When torrent files are downloaded, tracker communication can never be absent from the equation.